The city of Tampa has a real estate market that is the envy of the nation.

But this time last year, the city’s market was even more popular than it is today.

The market was up a whopping 20.4 per cent year over year.

Now, the market looks even worse.

The real estate prices for a home in Tampa have plummeted by more than 20 per cent, from an average price of $1.2 million in 2017 to just $1,096,933 in 2018.

“The numbers show that Tampa is not only losing its real estate value, it is also losing market share,” said Mike Balsamo, a broker at DLA Piper.

The average price for a house in Tampa is $1 million.

That’s down nearly 20 per,000.

“We believe the market has already reached a tipping point and that it is likely to continue to drop,” said Balsamo.

“It is clear that the Tampa market has hit a wall and is in trouble.

We have seen a precipitous drop in the number of houses being sold in the last two years.”

While Tampa has the highest number of condo units per capita in the nation, that market has been on a downward trend since 2010.

Since 2010, the condo market has declined by 20 per-cent and is currently below 50 per, million.

Balsamic believes the city is experiencing a “fading” condo market and has to “revisit the condo strategy.”

While condos may not be the future of the Tampa real estate sector, they may help to keep the city afloat.

“Condo sales, as a percentage of condo sales, are trending down,” said Josh McKean, president and chief executive officer of the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce.

McKeans real estate company owns a condo tower in downtown Tampa.

He believes that in order to retain a condo market, a condo-specific sales tax should be implemented in the city.

This tax will help lower the cost of housing for condos and allow for more condos to be built.

“While this tax may not have the impact we hoped for in the immediate future, it will have an immediate impact on the condo industry in Tampa,” McKeane said.

The city could also look to other sources of revenue.

A recent study conducted by DLA Pender found that the real estate tax may be a better option than the condo tax, since it would help the city maintain a balanced budget.

“A tax that doesn’t directly impact the condo community is a better fit than a tax that directly affects the condo markets,” said DLAPender CEO Scott Balsami.

“In the meantime, the City of Tampa needs to maintain a steady and healthy condo market.”

The city has implemented a condo tax to encourage more condos in the area.

The City Council is expected to approve a proposal to extend the tax, which would be assessed on new and existing condo buildings in the next three years.

The condo tax has been a popular measure in the Tampa Bay area for years, although it has not been implemented.

“Tampa is a city that has been successful at attracting condo development in recent years,” said Mayor Bob Buckhorn.

“That success was helped by a citywide ban on condominium development.”

Balsama believes that if the condo ban is lifted, the area will continue to benefit from the new and more affordable housing.

“As the City is starting to build condos, we are also seeing the development of apartments and a resurgence of the citywide condo market,” he said.

“There is a lot of demand for condos in this city and we need to continue supporting the condo movement in this area.”

For the average home in the Greater Orlando area, the average price is $934,000, which is down nearly 13 per cent from 2017.

“For a lot more people, the median price of a home is now about $1 and a half million,” said Todd Johnson, chief executive of Johnson Realty.

Johnson also believes that the condo trend is being driven by the new construction boom in Orlando.

“If the condo boom continues, and more people are buying, then the market will continue, even if it is down 20 per per cent or more,” said Johnson.

“You can’t have a condo boom without condo sales.

If you have a low price and a lot less inventory, you can’t build condos.”

Johnson is bullish on the future.

“I think condos will continue as the fastest-growing segment in the real-estate market in the United States,” he added.

“Because we have a very diverse condo market right now, I think it’s going to continue, especially if the growth continues.”

Bains’ report also highlights how Tampa’s condo market could be impacted by a potential moratorium on new condo projects in the future due to a lack of land available.

The council is expected, in the coming weeks, to consider a

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