The Bolivians have always had a bit of a reputation as the country where the lottery was first invented. 

But this year, the country lost the lottery. 

In fact, in a country that boasts one of the largest populations in Latin America, the Boliviaans have been out in the cold and snow to win the lottery again. 

A state lottery has only been open since 1999, when the Bolívians first rolled out the new system. 

This year, however, the state lottery lost the biggest jackpot ever. 

The winning ticket was worth $1.4 million, and the BolIVians will collect the $1 million prize from the state, which is the country’s largest lottery prize, according to the Daily Herald. 

While there was a lot of speculation about who would win, it’s safe to say that the Bolibals won, and that they will be taking home the $500,000 prize. 

“The Bolivarian people have a very strong sense of fairness,” the Boliva-based lottery company, which has operated in Bolivia since 2000, told the Herald.

“The Boliviaan lottery was created in order to promote fairness and respect for all the citizens of the Bolivan State.

This is something we always strive for.” 

The lottery has also been a source of national pride in the Bolivas, as well as the people of South America, with Boliviana the first country in the Americas to be awarded the lottery prize in 2018. 

There have been other successes, too, as the Bolavian government has been able to help out the locals who were forced to relocate to the U.S. after Hurricane Matthew hit the country last year. 

Last year, for example, the government paid for a new $5 million house for the Bolita community in Santa Cruz, South America’s most populous state, where residents were displaced after Hurricane Maria.

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