Apple Watch Series 3 will be launched at a later date than Series 2, the first Watch with a larger battery capacity, but the company has already announced the watch will launch in March, 2019.

The company has also said that Series 2 was the only Apple Watch to be released in 2019, but that it has since been updated.

Read more about the Apple Watch series 3:The next Watch is expected to arrive in March 2019, though it is unclear if the first watch will be able to be sold at the same time as Series 2.

Series 2 is expected for an October release, though the company will likely launch a limited run of watches in the autumn.

A new designThe company is currently working on an updated look for the Series 3, according to a new report from Business Insider.

The redesign, which was revealed on Twitter on Thursday, is said to take inspiration from the look of Apple Watch Sport.

The watch will sport a black finish and a new design with a different font, a larger bezel and the inclusion of a date in the display.

The new design will also include a new display-integrated band, which is said be more durable than the older design.

The design will reportedly feature a new watch face with the word “watch” in a different position than before.

The company also said the Series 2 model will be available in five colors: black, gold, rose gold, orange, and silver.

The watch will come in five color options, with silver available as a silver option.

The Series 3 is expected in March or April of 2019, with the price point set at $1,299.

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