In March 2018, the Kings market was transformed by an unprecedented flood of shoppers, as the market, previously one of the world’s most popular shopping centres, experienced a massive influx of shoppers.

The event was part of a year-long “New Seasons Market”, organised by a team of local and international chefs.

But in March 2019, the market experienced a dramatic collapse due to a catastrophic fire.

It was the largest and most destructive fire in the city’s history, which killed more than 200 people and destroyed hundreds of businesses.

The market’s reconstruction began almost immediately, with the addition of an emergency building that is now in place to provide a temporary shelter to those still in need.

The Kings Market in New York City was closed for reconstruction in 2019, and has been reopened as a food and beverage destination.

But it was only the start of the market’s recovery, with other shops and restaurants now open, including the renowned Kings Market Bakery, the world famous Bistro Bienvenue and The Wine Bar, and several restaurants.

This article appears in Al Jazeera’s World Markets series.

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