Posted by MTV News on Friday, January 23, 2018 12:03:38With its third season airing on Sunday, February 11, Fresh Market will continue to focus on the themes of love, family, and family dynamics that have come to define the show’s season so far.

“Fresh Market is the show that’s about what it means to be a family,” executive producer Jennifer LeFever said during an exclusive phone call with The Wrap.

“We have a family.

We have a sister.

We love each other.”

LeFever also discussed how the show is approaching its third and final season.

“We’re definitely heading in a different direction.

We’re definitely not the family we were in season one, but we’ve always been about family and how we’ve got to live and how to care for each other and how it’s really about loving each other,” she said.

“And then having that journey that I think people have come out of season two, we’ve really taken that family-oriented storytelling to the next level.”

So the whole idea is to go through that journey and see how far we can take it.””

Fresh Markets” Season 3 premieres Monday, February 15 at 9/8c on MTV.

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