With the election in the books, it’s time to put this election in context.

Here are the biggest news stories of the first year of the Donald Trump presidency: 1.

The US Election Results – November 4, 2020 President-elect Donald Trump wins the presidency in a landslide.

He has secured the highest Electoral College tally in modern US history.

But with more than 270 electoral votes to be divvied up between Republicans and Democrats, Trump is unlikely to be inaugurated before January 20.


Trump’s Economic Policies – November 12, 2020 After years of campaigning for a strong economy, the incoming president-elect’s economic policies are likely to be the defining feature of his presidency.

In November, Trump signed two major tax cuts, the biggest in US history, a temporary $1 trillion tax relief for the middle class and the repeal of Obamacare.

The Republican Party, which is currently in a coalition government with Democrats, has vowed to push for tax cuts.


Trump Will Start the Clean Energy Transition – November 16, 2020 Trump will take office on a new wave of support for energy efficiency and clean-energy technology.

He will also roll out the US’ first clean-tech tax credit, which was recently extended by Congress.

Trump has said he will put $200 billion into the US economy through a combination of clean energy incentives, investment in renewable energy and other investments.


Trump Has Been Approved to Use Military Force in Syria – November 19, 2020 The incoming president has made a number of statements regarding Syria and the conflict there.

On Friday, he said the US would be “going in, taking out [President Bashar al-] Assad’s air forces and his air defenses”.

But there’s been no confirmation from the White House that he will order the US to use military force against the Syrian regime.


Trump Signs the North Korea Free Trade Agreement – November 21, 2020 Following months of pressure from the international community and congressional Democrats, President-Elect Donald Trump has signed a free-trade agreement with South Korea.

The deal is the largest in history, but will only affect about 2 percent of the global economy.

It was negotiated behind closed doors by President Barack Obama and has a $600 billion price tag.


Trump Releases His Tax Returns – November 22, 2020 For the first time, the US President-e will release his tax returns.

He said that he’s “done” with his tax avoidance and that he has paid the “fair share” of taxes.


Trump Picks the Next Secretary of Education – November 24, 2020 In a surprise move, Trump nominated Betsy DeVos to be secretary of education, the first woman ever to be tapped to lead the department.

DeVos has long been an advocate for charter schools, which critics have criticized for their lack of accountability.

DeVos was also an advocate of vouchers, which allow parents to send their children to private schools and bypass state requirements for public schools.


Trump Fires Former Secretary of State for Iraq – November 25, 2020 Former Secretary Michael Flynn, who resigned in disgrace amid revelations of his contacts with Russian officials, was fired by President-Election Trump after only a month in office.

Flynn had been considered a top contender for the job, but it was revealed he had lied to Vice President Mike Pence and the White Trump campaign about his contacts.


Trump Launches New Military Initiative in the Middle East – November 26, 2020 US President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Monday to send a small number of US Marines to the Middle Eastern country of Qatar, where the US and other countries have been trying to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

The move comes as the US military prepares to send about 500 troops to Qatar in the first wave of airstrikes against the Islamic State group.


Trump Is Approved for Military Force Against North Korea – November 27, 2020 With North Korea testing nuclear weapons and threatening to strike the US, President Donald J. Trump is now authorized to launch military force to prevent North Korea from reaching nuclear weapons, the White Palace said in a statement.

Trump will authorize the US Air Force to attack North Korea’s nuclear facilities in order to stop the country from developing a nuclear weapon.

The president also said he would allow the US Navy to send military assets to the region in response to North Korea sending missiles towards Guam.


Trump Announces His Proposals for Budget and Tax Reform – November 29, 2020 While the Republican Party is in coalition government, Trump’s plan to slash the federal budget by $1.4 trillion will likely be a key issue in his administration.

The first major budget bill passed by Congress in more than 30 years is expected to include cuts to Medicare and Medicaid and the elimination of some deductions.

The budget would also reduce the corporate tax rate to 20 percent, cut the child tax credit and cut corporate taxes by 10 percent.

The plan also includes a plan to phase out the death penalty, which Trump has repeatedly vowed to repeal. 12

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