Posted September 16, 2018 07:19:48There are a number of reasons why the financial crisis has affected the markets, but one of the most important ones is the fact that investors are being forced to make some hard decisions.

What was once a good idea has turned out to be a very bad idea.

This is not just a problem for financial markets, it’s also a problem with the rest of the economy.

The US economy has been in free fall for the last six months, with the Dow falling about 20 per cent over that period.

There’s no doubt that the US economy is in a pretty bad place right now, and investors are feeling the effects.

The Dow is down about 60 per cent since October 2016.

But that’s just one factor that may be driving investors away from the markets.

There are also a number other factors at play.

In fact, it may be the single most important one.

As the Federal Reserve is running out of money, investors are looking to sell their assets.

That is one of a number reasons why they are looking at stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

But as they have done for years, some investors are actually selling stocks instead of holding them.

The biggest reason for investors to sell stocks is the fear that the economy may not be able to sustain its current trajectory.

This has driven up the price of stocks and has caused investors to make more money selling stocks than they would selling them.

So if the economy falters, that may force investors to pull out of stocks.

The same goes for bonds.

The bond market is a lot more volatile than stocks.

Investors are betting on the economy to rebound, but some of these stocks are doing very poorly.

So the question is: Why are investors buying the stocks they do?

The answer is twofold.

The first is that they believe that the Fed is on the verge of cutting interest rates.

This will push the economy higher.

This has made some investors believe that stocks may be a good place to park their money, because it’s cheap.

But the truth is that there’s a lot of downside risk for investors in stocks.

There’s a reason why there are more mutual funds with cash than with bonds.

The second reason for people to sell stock is the lack of demand.

The biggest reason is that many people are looking for safe assets to invest their money in.

But there are plenty of people out there who don’t want to risk losing everything they own.

That makes it very difficult for investors who are looking into stocks to make a good investment.

This is also why many investors are selling bonds, bonds that have a very high cost to hold, or even the entire market, rather than just their holdings.

This leaves the markets open to some risk.

For instance, a number for the S&P 500, which is a benchmark index of US companies, has fallen by about 15 per cent this year.

That means that even if the market is still going strong, investors could lose out.

This means that the S/P 500 is a good example of a stock that is currently undervalued, but which is not being overvalued because investors are not buying it.

The US economy may be in a bad place, but there are still many good stocks to invest inThe markets are also still highly diversified.

The S&P 500 index is actually about 10 times larger than the Dow.

There are hundreds of different companies in the S & P 500, but not all of them have the same level of market capitalisation.

And these companies are often very different.

The big reason why stocks are not being valued well is that investors who buy stocks often don’t have the capital to back them up.

That’s why they sell them when they can.

But investors who don to sell them don’t get much return on their money.

That means that when the markets are strong, it is often very hard to get value out of them.

The stock market has gone through several ups and downs over the years.

It’s been a long time since investors have had to sell a lot to buy a lot.

The bottom line is that the world economy is going through a period of rapid economic growth, and the only way that the stock market will recover is if there are significant improvements in economic conditions.

The only way to get that is to get more investment in the US.

This story has been corrected.

The original version of this story incorrectly stated that the Dow had declined by about 50 per cent.

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