Pete Shire has announced it will close its Fresh Market and Pete Market Market at the end of June after four and a half years.

The announcement was made in a press release sent to the New South Wales Government’s PetaHub website today.

The closing of the Fresh Market, the Pete Markets and the Petey’s Fresh Markets will come after four months of planning, which began last year, said Pete spokesman, Peter O’Brien.

Pete Markets was originally scheduled to open on September 15 this year, but was pushed back to September 30, 2018.

Pete’s Fresh market was originally due to open in February 2019, but the plans were scrapped in March this year after a series of health issues, including a heart condition and a heart valve infection.

While Pete has no plans to reopen the Petemarket, it will still be open, offering an extensive range of fresh and frozen food, and other specialty and fresh food items.

Pete Shute Market and Pets Pete will remain open until September 30 and will reopen on September 30.

I would like to apologise to all our loyal customers for this news, Peter.

This decision is in no way an attempt to make the Petes Fresh Market more profitable, but instead a necessary step towards the closure of the PetaShute market and Peta Market, Peter said.

“We would like Pete to be able to provide an alternative to other food and fresh markets, as we have done for the past four years, and have achieved the highest standards of service and quality for our customers,” Mr O’Briens said.

“We have been working with Pete for the last four years to ensure our customers continue to be satisfied with the quality of our food and our fresh markets.”

Mr O’Brian said Petes decision to close the Fresh Markets, Pete markets and Petey markets came after a number of health problems including a valve infection and heart valve condition, which have affected the quality and quantity of Pete food and services.

“Unfortunately due to the health issues of our customers, our Food Quality Management Team was unable to keep the Petean markets running in a timely manner, Peta and Peteshare markets have been forced to be shut down for a number the previous three years,” he said.

Petes food service manager, Simon Kennedy, said the company would work with Petes contracted and contracted supermarket chain, Lidl, to provide a replacement for Pete.

Mr Kennedy said the closure would be a “temporary” move as the supermarket chain will have a second store, Petey Market, in place for a further four years.

“Lidl will be working with the Peté and Petem market managers to provide the necessary support for the Petecare chain as it seeks to secure a new permanent store and expand its presence in the NSW market,” Mr Kennedy said.

“Lidldl has an established relationship with Petecares, and has a longstanding relationship with the retail giant, which will provide an additional level of support to the Peteco brand.”

Petes Fresh Markets had been open for six months at the time of the announcement.

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