A startup has bought the grain market in the UK’s west side market and is trying to build a network of farmers markets that can feed the UK population with fresh, locally-grown grains.

The farmers market is one of the few remaining local markets that cater to the large number of farmers in the city, which has struggled to make ends meet in recent years due to a combination of low prices for grains and poor weather conditions.

The London-based Farmgate, which recently raised a seed round, said it wants to grow a network to connect farmers with market traders in order to help them feed their families.

“We see the future of our market as the future food supply of our future city,” said David Skelton, founder and CEO of Farmgate.

“By investing in farmers markets, we are building a network and supporting local food producers to improve the quality of their products and our own food supply.”

Farmgate is the second seed investment in London’s West Side Market this year, joining another company, Green Street Market, which bought the market in January.

The two companies will work together to bring fresh produce to market in a way that is not only sustainable, but also ethical, said Skelston.

Skelton said he had met with local farmers to see what their experiences are and hopes that this will help to drive forward their efforts to grow the market.

Farmgate has already acquired a large space at the West Side market for the next year, and said that it will also have to open a new location in the future to accommodate the demand.

“We will be working closely with local communities in order for us to offer fresh produce, as well as some of the freshest locally sourced produce, and we want to build our network across the city,” he said.

Farmers Market, in turn, said that the new location will be a perfect place for the future, with a large market space and a market-style food court.

The new space will be an outdoor market area and will allow farmers to grow their own vegetables and fruit, while also offering a market for food trucks.

FarmGate also said that they were planning to expand their market in 2018 to allow farmers and traders to share their products to market as well. 

Farmgate said that in order not to lose out on the market, they were trying to keep prices down.

“For the moment, we can only offer a small selection of products that are currently available for sale.

This is why we are opening the Westside Market, to offer some of our fresh produce directly to the market,” they said. 

“We have also begun to look into bringing some fresh fruit and vegetables directly to our market.

We will be opening the Market on Friday (November 22) and will have more to share in the coming months.”

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