The housing market in the United States has been struggling to recover from the recession, and in many ways it is not recovering as well as other markets.

But a new data set released by the National Association of Realtors shows that there are some signs that the market is starting to stabilize.

The National Association for Homebuilders says it is the first time it has released a monthly data set for the U.S. housing market since 2009.

And while the data is only one of several indicators that the housing market is showing signs of stabilization, it does provide some clues that the recovery is getting underway.

“The fact that there is some improvement is a very encouraging sign that the economy is coming back,” says Kevin Gorman, director of real estate research at NAR.

In March, the housing recovery was the most positive for the second straight month, according to NAR, a positive sign that more people are buying homes.

And since April, the unemployment rate has fallen to 6.9%, the lowest it has been in a decade.

“It is encouraging that the number of people working has been increasing,” says Gorman.

But there is another important sign that housing is starting a bit to recover.

The number of foreclosures is down from the first quarter, which was the worst for three decades.

But the foreclosure rate for homes sold to buyers was up to a record high in the first half of the year.

There were 1.8 million forecloses in March, up from 1.4 million in March.

That is the largest jump since 2009, when foreclosings reached their highest point.

It means that there were more people making home payments in the third quarter, and that those people were using the money to buy a home.

But foreclosing rates are still lower than they were before the recession.

And the rate for homebuyers has been falling, too.

The percentage of people making their first home payment was at its lowest point in a year in the fourth quarter.

It was 12.3%, down from 15.1% in the second quarter.

So it is still a long way from a recovery.

But NAR’s Gorman thinks it is possible that it could happen sooner than later.

“We have seen this in every other recovery, except in the housing one, which is a lot longer,” he says.

And he says there are other signs that things are beginning to improve.

“A lot of the data points are coming in,” he said.

“I think there are a couple of things that are very encouraging.”

The number one indicator that the markets are showing signs that they are recovering is that more Americans are working.

But some of the indicators are coming up.

In February, the number was at the lowest level since the recession ended.

The unemployment rate dropped to 5.9% in March and 6.7% in April.

And in March the number for the jobless rate was at a record low, at 5.7%, according to the Labor Department.

And it also showed that homebuyer activity continued to grow.

“You’re seeing an increase in the number that are getting into the homebuying process,” says Alan Zilberman, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics.

“That means that you’re seeing more buyers than before the downturn.

So I think that’s one indicator.”

But Gorman also points to a number of things.

One, homebuyings are not picking up in other major metro areas, like the Northeast or the Midwest, where people were struggling to buy homes in the past.

He points to the fact that the foreclosure numbers for those regions are also dropping, and suggests that these are the reasons why.

“When people go out and purchase a home, that means that they have the money in the bank, and they’re willing to make that investment,” he explains.

“And if they can’t afford that, they can just wait and wait until the market recovers.”

The unemployment rates have also been falling a bit, so there are fewer people who are looking for work.

And there are signs that that is beginning to change.

“While the number one measure of the labor market recovery is that fewer people are working, we have seen a number over the last few years that shows that people are beginning, again, to be able to find work,” says Zilberman.

So while we still have the lowest unemployment rate in a generation, there is an encouraging trend for people to be getting jobs.

And those jobs have not come from the same sectors that were hardest hit by the recession and recession-induced economic distress, like manufacturing.

The jobless rates are also starting to climb, as the number drops from 8.1 million in January to 8.8m in February.

But even though these numbers are encouraging, they still represent just one of many indicators that are showing that the economic recovery is far from complete.

“There is still more to do

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