Markets have rallied to record highs over the past few months, with the Israeli stock market one of the strongest performers.

The Israeli stock index gained 7.5% in the first half to a record high of 9,935.9, with Israel’s largest stock exchange up 5.4% and Tel Aviv’s up 5%.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Report, Avigdor Lieberman, head of the Israel Stock Exchange (ISA), said the market has been on a rally for years and that this is the biggest correction in years.

“The stock market in Israel is at record levels,” Lieberman said.

“Israel is the first country to reach record highs.”

He said the rally in Israel’s stock market is not due to the fact that there is a shortage of money in the country.

“It’s not because of a shortage,” he said.

Lieberman pointed out that the Israeli government has been providing funding for Israeli firms for a long time.

“There are hundreds of billions of dollars in funding for Israelis, but now the government is not providing any funds.”

The ISA is also working on improving financial services in Israel.

The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) announced a series of initiatives last year aimed at improving the country’s financial services and helping to improve the economy.

In addition to the ISA, the Israel Economic Council has been conducting several economic development projects in Israel and has recently established a center for entrepreneurship.

The Israel Securities and Investment Commission is also currently conducting a major financial research study to determine the best way to create a new asset class.

The agency also launched a new project to improve financial services by developing a market research tool.

The ISA also announced that it will continue its research into the future of the Israeli economy and will present its findings to the government in January.

Israel’s stock index is up 20.4%, with Tel Aviv leading the country with a gain of 8.9%.

The ISAs stock market has had a record-high rise in 2017.

In 2016, the stock index lost 5.5%.

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