The Giro is upon us, and we’re ready to go!

This edition of The Football Italians Giro Edition features a look at the race’s most important race weekend of the year, as well as our picks for the top 10 best-attended Giro races of all time. 

In the race to find the best race weekend for the 2017 season, we look at which Giro race weekend is the most attractive and which race weekend offers the best chance of the Gros d’Aosta win. 

The race is a four-day affair that features two stages and a prologue on Sunday, and a general classification on Monday. 

Sunday’s prologue, which will see riders cross the line at 6am local time (7am ET), will feature some of the toughest climbs of the race, as the race enters its final week. 

There are two stages on the first day of the prologue: Stage 1 starts with a time trial that starts at 8am local and finishes at 4:00pm. 

A total of nine riders will be in the peloton for the start of the stage, which sees the riders go up a flat climb before heading back down to the finish line at 7:00am local. 

This stage is a long way from the finish, but it’s a very important one for the Griton riders.

The first part of the day has a few short climbs and it’s only halfway to the line when the riders will have to take a break. 

It’s a tricky day for the GC riders, as they’re fighting to stay ahead of the big names like Alberto Contador and Mark Cavendish. 

However, the riders are still in the hunt for a stage win, so the final stage is likely to be a big fight. 

Cavendish is definitely the favourite to win this stage, as he’s won the previous stage on three occasions, while Contador is the other favourite for this stage as well. 

 The overall classification is relatively straightforward as the riders have only to finish one-thirtieth of the way to the top, and they will be battling to pick up the win on the flat roads. 

If the race is to go ahead, however, the race will be decided by the final day of racing. 

Stage 3 is the last day of action, and it kicks off at 5:30am local, so it’s the perfect time to watch for the big stage. 

That said, the pelvis is likely a little higher than normal for this day, which means the riders won’t be in great shape to deal with the final climbs, so we’ll have to make do with a little more patience. 

While this stage is technically a time-trial, the final climb of the three-stage race is actually the Cittadina climb, which is quite steep. 

During the first part, the climb is relatively flat, but the final section of the climb gets up to 7.6% on the climb. 

When it comes to the race overall, the course is relatively straight-forward, but we’ll be keen to keep an eye on the final three stages and the overall classification. 

All eyes will be on Contador for the final two days of the event, as it’s his first Giro stage since 2016. 

He’s been battling back from a broken right wrist, which has forced him to miss out on a few Giro stages, but he’s looking to get back to form, which he’s already showing on the road. 

Another race which could be affected by Contador’s injury is the Vuelta a Espana. 

With the Vuadero only four weeks away, it’s very likely that Contador will be out of action for the Vuassana.

If he’s out, however (and we’d be very surprised if he isn’t), the Tour of Oman is a race that could potentially change the race for the better. 

Oman’s Vuelta has been marred by crashes in recent years, and this year is no exception. 

Contador has struggled with injury throughout the season, and if the Vuadalenas is to come to an end, it will be interesting to see how the race evolves. 

One final piece of news for the weekend is that the Giselle du Tour in Switzerland will be cancelled due to a lack of participants due to the weather. 

Stay tuned to The Football I to find out if any of these stories come to pass! 

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