I was on a trip to Colorado, visiting my mom’s house when I spotted this pet store in the middle of a highway.

It was the kind of thing you might see in a grocery store, but this was a pet store.

I took a closer look and was surprised to see the front of the store was painted red.

I decided to call the store, and they told me to go ahead and walk out.

It turns out, this store was an online retailer of pet food and supplies.

I bought two boxes of Petit Petit’s pet food in order to give to my son.

I called Petit to find out what happened to my package.

The customer service rep told me that the package was lost in the mail, and it’s going to be returned to me for a full refund.

I told her I didn’t understand why they’d lost my package, and she told me they were still working on getting it back.

I had to take the package home to return it to Petit for refund.

This kind of scam is pretty common, so I contacted Petit.

I sent a message to [email protected], but they did not respond to my inquiry.

When I called the customer service line, I asked about the package, but I was told that I’d have to contact Petex to get my refund.

So I went ahead and called Petex, and when they called, they said that I had a problem and that the company was looking into it.

I was disappointed to hear that they weren’t refunding me for the price of the pet food.

The company assured me that they’d send me the package back in a week or two.

I’m not sure what to do about the Petex rep, so when I tried to return the package to Petpet, they refused to return my package either.

When you try to return a product for refund, you get a customer service representative, who promises that the refund will be sent in the next business day.

I didn.

When my package was returned, I called again and they said they were working on it.

The next day, they emailed me and said they could not take the refund, so they told my husband to go through all the paperwork again and then they would send me a refund.

But that didn’t help.

When we called Petpet again, the rep said I was responsible for the return of the package and that Petpet would not be able to refund me for that reason.

So we went back to Petsource, but we never heard back from them.

In the meantime, I have a $1,000 bill that I’m owed from Petpet for pet food, pet products, and shipping.

Petpet is still working to get back my package and refund me money for shipping and handling costs.

The Petex representative said they would be contacting Petsource to get a refund, but the company said they did have nothing to do with the package being lost.

They even said that Petsource’s tracking numbers and other customer service information are stored on Petex’s servers.

Petsource also says that Petex is not responsible for any products or services lost or damaged during shipment.

I’ll keep checking to see if Petex and Petsource get back to me with a refund or the product is returned to them.

I’ve never had this kind of trouble with Petex.

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