By Emily E. Leggett and Mark Wilson-Smith, The Globe and MailThe price of a bottle of cheap vodka, for example, is about $4, while a $2.50 bottle of brandy costs about $6.20, according to the most recent figures available.

But in the town of Highland Park, Ont., it costs a penny to buy a cup of cheap lager, $2 for a six-pack of Bud Light and $2 to get a six pack of beer.

The market in the hills around the city has expanded rapidly since a boom of construction in the late 1990s to house construction workers.

Now, more than 100,000 people live in the city and the town is home to about 3,200 jobs, according, according.

“There’s definitely been a shift in the market, as far as the way we buy,” said Dan McNeil, president of the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce.

McNeil said the number of liquor stores has also increased and he hopes the number will grow.

“We’ve been able to do that by working together with local business owners,” he said.

McNichol said the growth in liquor stores and the growth of the population is helping the industry and that many people are still struggling to make ends meet, including those who work in construction.

He said the city is trying to get more people into the industry, and he wants to make sure they can.

“I think the community is getting used to the idea that the work is coming home,” McNeil said.

“The idea of not being able to buy the stuff they need to live a normal life is not something they want to be a part of.”

The highlands is also one of the few places in the country that is considered to be part of the Lower Mainland.

But, with its small size, it has long been the target of some unscrupulous sellers who have been known to target young men who have gone to high school.

The area has long had a reputation for drug dealing and violence, and the community has also seen a lot of suicides.

A suicide in January of a 20-year-old was blamed on a turf war between rival gangs in the area.

Police have stepped up patrols in the region and warned people not to drive in the areas that have been targeted by gangs.

There are currently about 1,300 people in the Highland Heights community who have lost their lives, according a report by the town’s coroner.

In recent years, the town has seen an increase in drug use and overdoses.

Police in the municipality of about 3.2 million residents say they have been able curb the increase in homicides by closing off roads and keeping police officers on site to keep residents safe.

“These are the things that help to keep us safe,” McPherson said.

“I think it’s really important to have some community policing to keep communities safe, because that’s what we’ve been missing.”

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