Posted March 01, 2019 12:09:24The stock market is a highly interactive space, with companies competing to market their products and services to a growing audience of potential investors.

To keep pace, you need to make the right investments and invest wisely.

Here are 10 stocks to consider, from the most popular to the least.

Investing for a long-term, stable portfolio of stocks will help you earn long-lasting returns.

A good portfolio includes stocks with low volatility and high dividend yields, such as Apple, Microsoft and Cisco.

These companies have relatively low annual returns and relatively low volatility, which will help your portfolio grow.

To invest in the stocks below, you’ll need to use the Investopedia Investment Calculator.

This tool uses proprietary data to help you understand the market, including a market index, a weighted average of 30-day price/earnings ratios and a number of other metrics.

The calculator includes both a market cap and dividend yield calculator, which is also available in the investment section of the site.

Investopedia invests in a number

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