TONY RICHARDSON: So the next time you hear the word internet advertising, you probably won’t think of the advertising that goes on behind the scenes.

And what it is, is a way for advertisers to target audiences on the web with a digital ad.

It’s what people do online.

They visit your site.

They see your ads, and then they click on a button.

And you’ll see the ad disappear, or your website will appear on other sites.

So what does that look like?

Well, you might be able to understand that, in theory, if you’re the advertiser.

But you’re not, because your ads have to be delivered to you on your computer, or by a server in another country.

And so that’s a lot of steps that you have to take to get there.

And that’s why we call them “digital ads.”

And if you have more than one computer that’s running one ad, you’re competing for a particular audience.

So if you want to get a really big audience, you need to get the ad that you’ve been selling on your site, for example, through an online ad network.

But if you just have one computer, you’ll just end up with one big ad that’s getting served over the internet.

And it will take up all of your bandwidth.

And in fact, it’s going to take up your entire bandwidth as well.

So that’s the downside of internet ads.

They are very expensive.

They take up a lot, and they can take up so much of your internet traffic that you’ll get a slow, stuttering website.

And if the network you use to deliver the ads to you, like Google or Facebook, has to put up some sort of latency or latency-enhancing technology, then it can slow things down dramatically.

So the big problem for internet marketers is that the vast majority of the traffic on the internet is from the US and Europe.

And we know that.

We’ve been tracking this traffic for decades.

We know how much traffic comes through the US-based internet networks.

We have lots of data from Google and Facebook.

But we also have a lot more from our mobile network.

So we’re trying to get more data from our own networks, and we’ve been doing that with Google’s Chrome browser.

And now, thanks to the work of two new companies called Netcost and Marketing, we can start to understand exactly what that traffic looks like, what kind of adverts are being delivered to us and how that traffic is being processed.

And the new data from these companies is helping us understand what the impact of those ads are.

For example, they’ve identified a few adverts that are serving up a massive amount of bandwidth to users who are on mobile phones.

And when you click on one of these, you will see the ads on your mobile browser being loaded to your device.

That’s right, you are now being served ads by an ad network in a different country, and the ads are coming from a network in another place.

So this is not an advertising network.

It is not even a network that has a dedicated network for delivering ads to its customers.

Instead, it is a network for transmitting data from one part of the world to another.

So it’s a massive, massive network, and it’s serving data all over the world.

This is a problem.

It means that you don’t see a single, clear ad on your screen.

But what we can do about it is look at what ads are being served to your devices, and at what speed they are being sent to your browser.

What happens when the ads load in the browser?

So if a site is on mobile, the browser sends them all the way to your computer.

But there are some ads that are delivered by servers that aren’t mobile, because they’re running in another location.

And those ads get processed by your browser in a way that doesn’t allow you to see them, because the browser is waiting for the data to be sent over the network.

The problem is, when that data arrives on your device, it looks something like this: The first line of the ad appears in your browser window, as the first line.

The next line is the browser’s response to the request to send the data.

So here you see a list of all the requests that have been made to your machine.

We’re not showing them to you right now, because we’re still waiting for data to arrive.

But it’s there, and there are lots of things we can look at to see what’s going on there.

Here’s an example: When you click an ad, it sends it to a server somewhere, usually in another city, sometimes even a different location.

But sometimes, it just sends it directly to your desktop.

That might mean you have

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