By Mike Gorman, USA TODAY SportsThe NBA draft is in full swing, and the excitement around it has intensified over the past few weeks.

The first round of the draft is a day away, and while it’s not every day you can find a top prospect making his debut, it’s a big day for some of the best in the game.

Here’s a look at what you need to know ahead of the first round.1.

Draft orderThe first round is usually the most difficult of the seven-round draft.

There are a number of factors that can affect the order, such as the status of your top two picks, which will impact the order as well.

The NBA will hold the first pick for the draft, which could happen as early as Thursday or as late as Saturday.2.

Who’s ahead of whom?

The draft order is determined by who has the most picks in their first seven picks.

The best of the five picks (three from the first three picks, one from the fourth and fifth, and one from sixth) will be the team with the most total picks in the first seven.3.

Where can I find the best value in the draft?

The top pick from each team will be at the top of the order.

In order to get a top-five pick, a team needs to have a first-round pick or a first round pick that is either in the top 50 or higher in the ESPN rankings.

There’s no minimum required for the top pick.

The following are the teams with the biggest amounts of picks in each round.4.

Who should I watch for in the 2017 NBA draft?

Here’s what you should know about the 2017 draft class.5.

How does the NBA draft work?

Each team gets one pick at the beginning of the NBA’s draft process.

Teams will pick up a player at the 30th pick and a player that has been on their roster for at least 30 days.

They will then pick up their remaining first- and second-round picks, then add the second and third-rounders from the team that acquired them.6.

What happens after the first draft pick?

Once a team has taken a player in the 1st round, the team then selects the remaining player in that round.

The player will be available in the 4th, 7th, and 12th rounds.7.

What are the best players available in each lottery?

If a team doesn’t have the first overall pick in the lottery, it will likely select the player that is at the very bottom of their first- or second-rounder.

That player will likely be a high-scoring, athletic guard, and he’s not going to be available much outside of a late first round or trade for a player.8.

What about the best prospects in the NBA?

If the NBA is looking for a point guard, a point forward, a wing, or an athletic center, they will likely go for a guard.

However, the NBA does not make an arbitrary decision about the number of players it will take.

The top two overall picks in any round will be used to determine the team’s pick.

The team with more picks in that first round will pick the player in a later round, and then the team in the next round will choose the player from that round, based on the results of the previous round.9.

What’s the difference between the draft lottery and the lottery for the first time?

The NBA Draft Lottery will occur on Thursday, July 17 at 10 a.m.


Teams are allowed a maximum of two days to complete the process.10.

Who will get first-rounder?

The first pick is awarded to the team which receives the highest draft pick.

If there are two or more teams with identical first-pick values, the order of the picks will be determined by a coin flip.11.

Who picks first?

The number of first-sack rounds are based on how many picks each team has at the start of the process, which is determined based on each team’s total picks.12.

Who gets first overall?

The team with a higher pick gets the first selection in the 2018 draft.13.

Who loses first overall to whom?

If there are three teams with equal picks, the teams who end up with the same number of selections as the first-place team will play the tiebreaker game in the 2019 draft.14.

Who can play in the tie-breaker game?

Any team can play a game to determine who goes first.

Teams can use a tiebreaker to determine their pick.15.

Who is eligible to play?

If two or less teams have identical picks, and there are four teams with exactly the same pick value, there is a tie-breaking round.

This round determines who is eligible for the tiebreaking game.16.

How will the tiebreak work?

The tie-breakers are a three-team, 50-50 tie.

The winning team advances to

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