Thanksgiving will be an important time for food trucks, and the city has already put together a list of a few of its favorite spots.

The list includes a Boston Market, an outdoor market on the corner of Market Street and Beacon Street, and an outdoor grill, as well as a farmers market.

The city’s list of vendors includes some of the best in town, like Sweetheart Bakery, who has been serving up baked goods to hungry customers for years.

Other vendors who are offering free Thanksgiving dinners include The Garden, an Italian restaurant and bar in Roxbury, which is hosting a free Thanksgiving meal this year.

“We’re offering free dinner, but if you want to make a reservation you can do so here at the Garden,” Garden Executive Director Mary-Margaret McLeod said.

The Garden has also partnered with the American Harvest Food Truck Association, who have partnered with a food truck vendor named The Hogs to provide free Thanksgiving dinner, McLeod added.

The Market Street Grill is also offering free turkey dinners, while the Winter Garden Food Truck Market is hosting free Thanksgiving meals on Thursday.

Boston’s Farmers Market will feature a cornhole tournament on Saturday, with proceeds going to the American Humane Association.

The market will also feature live music on Saturday.

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