A record number of hedge funds are trading at record high prices, even as they say they are under pressure from their clients to hold their money.

The markets closed on Friday at $1,095 an ounce.

That’s up more than 11% since the beginning of the year, according to FactSet.

The market is still in a bubble, but that’s changing, according, and hedge funds and brokers say they will be under greater pressure to stay on top.

Market analysts are still worried about a market collapse, which would likely send stocks and bond prices plummeting.

A decline in market confidence could push people to sell.

Some hedge funds say they’ve already made a lot of money off the current rally, which is why they are selling more and more stocks.

They have been selling as stocks have risen and are selling even more.

But many analysts and traders say it’s too early to panic.

We’re in a bear market, so we have to be ready to act,” said Jim Sillerman, chief market strategist at Chicago-based Sillman Capital Management.

Sillman said some of his investors are more worried about the economic environment and are trying to take advantage of the rally.

That could mean they are trying out stocks at higher prices.

But Sillmans advice to hedge funds is to hold the market at an even higher level.

Silver said some hedge funds have already made money off recent gains and have not been buying.

The markets are moving at such an incredible pace, there is no way we can sustain that, he said.

But Sillers firm, S&P 500 ETF, said its prices have grown as much as 7% over the last month.

S&amp=amp;s gains are in line with recent data showing the U.S. economy added more than a million jobs in September, as well as gains in other industries.”

We are seeing investors and some institutional investors that are buying in and taking advantage of this incredible rally,” Sillings said.

We are in a bull market.

We are in an asset class that is very well diversified, and we have so much liquidity.

We see an opportunity in this market right now.

And we expect it to continue to rise.

Sills investment team has more than $6 billion in assets under management.

He said he expects the S&amps market to continue growing and could reach $8 trillion by the end of 2021.

The S&AMPs market has been gaining about 5% annually, with some analysts estimating the value of the asset could reach a record $18 trillion.

The S&AMall index is up 5.9% over last year, and the Nasdaq Composite Index is up 12.9%.

The Sillons market has more assets under $2 billion than the S.E.C., which tracks companies’ stock and bond holdings, according the Nasex Index.

The market has increased $1 trillion in value in the past four years, according FactSet, up from $1.4 trillion in 2014.

The Nasdaq and S&AMS have both grown by about $1 billion.

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