— The Boston Fish and Market opened on Sunday, bringing more than 400 vendors to its first day of business.

The markets biggest draw is its famous fish, which is sold in dozens of varieties, including bluefin, swordfish, tuna, king mackerel, swordhead, and the ever-popular tuna, cod, and swordfish.

The markets seafood section also offers more than 10,000 varieties of fresh fish, including the Atlantic mackerell, which can be served as a sandwich or wrapped in a salad.

At the Boston Fish, customers can get their hands on a variety of seafood and pick out their favorite fish and shellfish to enjoy.

One of the biggest draws is its famed fish, whose prices can be found online, but many vendors also offer local seafood and can provide samples for those who need to try something new.

This year, Boston Fish sold nearly $100 million worth of seafood, according to the Boston Market Association.

As the largest and busiest market in the country, the Boston market is also a leader in its area’s economic development.

The Boston Fish sells more than $300 million worth in seafood in the Boston area, and more than 2,400 jobs were created by the event, according the Boston Business Journal.

Boston Fish is the first of several local markets to open this year.

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