The Arizona fish markets have a plan.

The markets are planning to expand their markets, adding more fish and more people, said Chris Brown, a spokeswoman for the Fish and Game Department.

And they’re not worried about competition from other fish markets in the state.

The Arizona Department of Fish and Wildlife (ADFW) and Arizona Game and Fish are both looking at opening additional fish markets, Brown said.

“The ADFW is actively looking at opportunities for additional markets to add more opportunities for fish and other wildlife, and it’s been really positive,” Brown said Monday.

“We are certainly encouraged by what we’re seeing.”

The markets have been operating under a state contract with the Arizona Department for Agriculture and Arizona Department Of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

But ADFW and the Department of Agriculture have had a rocky relationship.

“I think we have a lot of issues, a lot, of disagreements that have occurred,” Brown told The Associated Press.

“There have been issues over funding, and we have issues that have arisen with the contracts that we have.”

In addition to the fish markets expanding, ADFW also is looking at expanding a new department store to include a full-service restaurant.

That store would include a food court, an indoor and outdoor grill and more.

“In our view, it would be a good thing for the whole community, the entire state,” Brown added.

“It would be great to have an opportunity to have a whole variety of different dining options that would serve all of our different populations.

It would be nice to have some more of an outdoor market.”

The ADFW will also begin offering fish-themed birthday parties for the first time this year.

The Fish and Fish Department is also working on a new state-sponsored fish sale, which Brown said could be up to $1 million in sales.

The department also is considering allowing people to pay for tickets to a game, Brown added, which could include a football game.

“A lot of things have been discussed in the past,” Brown explained.

“You have to remember, we’re a federal agency.

Brown said the ADFW has been in negotiations with the Fish Department for about a year about the future of the fish market, which is located in downtown Phoenix. “

That’s one of the challenges that we’re facing.”

Brown said the ADFW has been in negotiations with the Fish Department for about a year about the future of the fish market, which is located in downtown Phoenix.

“So it’s a process, and there’s a lot that’s going on, and the Fish department is working hard to try to get that deal done,” Brown continued.

The ADF and the ADNR were previously in negotiations to open a fish market in Mesa, Arizona.

But that plan was scrapped in 2015 after a state law required fish markets to be located in the city.

“But we’re trying to do this right now, so it’s something that’s not going to be happening any time soon,” Brown assured The Associated.

Brown said it’s also not clear if any changes to the markets’ contracts are planned.

“All of our contracts are public information, and ADFW does not have a formal plan for expansion of markets, or any of the other markets, we don’t know about that,” Brown acknowledged.

“Certainly, ADNR is looking to expand markets, and they’re also looking at expansion of other aspects of their business, but I don’t have any specific information to share with you at this time.”

Brown noted the ADF has been working on plans to add additional markets in other parts of the country, but it’s unclear when those plans will be ready.

“For us, the goal is to be in Phoenix this year, and beyond that,” he said.

The states Fish and Pest Management Commission has been a partner with the markets, but they have also had disagreements over how to run them.

In 2014, the Fish Commission passed a rule requiring the markets to operate at a certain level of risk.

Brown told the AP the Fish & Pest management commission was trying to reach a compromise with the ADFS to make sure the Fish markets were operating at a safe level of operation.

But it took until the end of this year before the Fish Commissioner and ADFS reached an agreement on the plan.

“When the Fish Commissioners and ADF come together, there is a plan, but we’re still in the process of figuring out how to do that,” said Brown.

“Obviously, we have the ADW and the state of Arizona working on that.

And ADFW’s working on it.

It’s a collaboration.”

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